Threadhead: Brandon Bowes

Posted 2019 May by Lauren Turley / #people

Meet Brandon Bowes. Ultra rad skater and Post Malone enthusiast, he's cooler than we'll ever hope to be and we're so stoked to have him on the team. Read all about him! 

When did you get into skating?

"I got my first skateboard in third grade and I borrowed it from my friends older brother and kind of never gave it back. My parents were cool about it too. They bought me my own skateboard and brought me around to different contests. I've loved just going out traveling and filming and taking videos that would eventually get me a career. It's been a wild ride. 

Favorite Place you've ever skated:

Every weekend my friends and I would take a 2-3 hour trip to go find a sick spot and kept hitting a bunch of small towns. That's the cool part about skating is you can do it in so many rad places. 

Dream place you wanna skate: 

Growing up it was always Los Angeles, but then I went there so now it's Europe because it's all granite and looks so fancy and amazing out there. 

Your goal with skating: 

Everyone has that dream of going pro, but it's kind of crazy because, with Instagram, everyone looks professional now so it makes it a lot harder to make it in skateboarding. You have to find a weird niche to get into it. To continue skateboarding and keep progressing and hopefully my body allows me to keep doing that. 

What are you listening to? 

Kind of heavier stuff usually but I also like stuff like Post Malone sometimes, as far as podcasts I’m into sports podcasts which is weird for skaters bc usually skaters are kind of against any sort of organized sport but I like football so yeah haha. I’m also into conspiracy podcasts I think they’re so interesting like anything military or alien I’m totally into.

Best food:

Pizza, Neapolitan pizza. Actually, my favorite place is in Salt Lake City, it’s like just outside of downtown and it’s called Setebellos and it’s so so good.

On being original: 

being inspired and taking inspiration from other people to look up to and warping it into your own thing. Nowadays I feel like everyone is just copying what they see instead of just letting themselves be themselves. 

Keep skating, keep creating, keep doing you."


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