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Posted 2019 Jul by Lauren Turley / #people

This week's spotlight is on our girl Baylie Christensen. Artist, blogger, vintage shopper, and all-around rad person. We're so excited that she's on our team and know you'll love her!! 
Who are you?
I am Baylie Christensen, I'm the oldest of five siblings, I'm from Syracuse Utah, but now living in San Fran to play college soccer, go to school at the Academy of Art University, and study my dream major photography. I hate whipped cream, the texture I just can't handle it. I LOVEEEEE Mexican food wow oh wow. if you ever want to make me happy, take me to go get a burrito, I'll love you forever.
Soccer, photography and blogging all in San Fran, how did all of that happen?
I'm honestly living the dream right now with living in San Fran, studying photography and playing soccer, I couldn't be more blessed. It wasn't easy getting there though. I've been playing soccer ever since was little. It's been my life and I couldn't picture life without soccer. My senior year I got a scholarship to go play soccer at the Academy of Art. I was so excited because it was basically my dream school! I got to play soccer, study photography which is another thing I love, and I got to experience a new place that is totally different from Utah. Also, I didn't have to take a math class which was a miracle because I'm straight trash at math. (I failed math my junior year..... yikes).
Photography has been a passion of mine longer than soccer has. I remember getting my cute little pink digital camera from Walmart and going out every day to take pictures of our flowers in the front yard and of the sunset. I then got a nicer camera for Christmas when I was twelve and had to learn how to use this nicer new camera that had 100 different buttons on it. So I remember looking on Pinterest trying to find stuff to help teach me more about my camera. I got pretty dang good at it and I found my love for taking portraits of people. I love how every face is different and you can never get the same picture when taking pictures of people. I then wanted to start a blog because why not right? I kinda think of it as my online journal that I can just write whatever and then have another place to show my pictures.
What's your favorite thing to blog about?
I try not to stress too much about my blog, it is a place where I can just go write down my thoughts about different things and situations and just hope people can relate which has been true so far. I think it's healthy to write down your feelings and thoughts, even if its in a journal, or your notes in your phone. I believe writing down your thoughts and feelings can make you happier and help with stress. It's helped me a lot. It's also a place where I put my favorite pictures I've taken. I try to challenge myself with taking picture other than just people, so on my blog, you'll see different categories of the things I've taken. 
P.S There is a new blog post coming soon so be on the lookout for that, it's about to blow your mindssssss *BOOM*
What's the big dream?
Oh man, the big dream..... There is so much I want to do and dream of doing. I would love to travel with a magazine or company and take pictures for them, getting paid for what I love doing. I honestly would just love to travel the world in general and I know that sounds so cliche but there is so much you can learn from traveling, such eye-opening experiences you can have and memories that you wouldn't even imagine happening. I just got back from Argentina and being there for two weeks made me want to learn Spanish so bad so ever since I've been back I've been practicing Spanish every day. Traveling to me makes me more motivated to things I would never be motivated to do in the first place, and so that would be on the list. 
Favorite places in San Fran?
OHHHHH BABY.... there are soooo many good places in San Fran, but let me just tell you the best food place right now because I'm literally addicted to this place, they can name my first born child if it means that I can free food for life. This amazing place is called Tacorea, oh my gosh my mouth is watering just thinking about it. Of course it's a Mexican place but this isn't just a normal Mexican place. This place will make you want to eat there for all three meals of the day. I get the burrito called the ''California Burrito" and oh my goodness it's so heavenly in your mouth. Its a steak, cheese, guacamole, salsa with a secret sauce and tater tots. YES, TATER TOTS! This Burrito is huge too but it's worth the food baby I promise. 
There is also this super cute park called "Dolores Park". It's on this huge hill and all kinds of people go there to chill, play music, play card games, tan, or have a picnic. There also is a playground close by so it is family-friendly. But my friends and I go there to hang out, get some sun and play games. Not too far from there, there are the Painted Ladies. They are the houses from the show Full House, and there is also a park right by it so people go and chill there and take pictures next to the Painted Ladies.
If you are into vintage shopping, there is this amazing vintage store called Wasteland and its a huge store that has the best vintage around, its a little more expensive but its because they have the high-quality stuff. You'll definitely need to check it out if you're in San Fran. And then there in the golden gate bridge of course and you can walk along the pier or bike along it. There is honestly so much stuff you can do in San Fran. It's an amazing place.
Thoughts on the US women's team winning the World Cup?
USA! USA! USA! The US women's team is awesome haha. They honestly deserved to win. I know they got a lot of crap for some stuff but haters going to hate am I right? But for real though I've been keeping up with US team ever since I was little. I used to have an Abby Wambach picture in my closet when I was little because she was all time favorite player. But if I could friends with anyone on the team right now it would definitely be Tobin Heath. I don't know what it is about her but she just seems like a cool girl and I look up to her a lot. Plus she has some maddddd foot skills. She could break my ankles any day.
How do you define 'originality'?
Well, some synonyms for originality are, clever, daring, unique and freshness. And to keep it simple I think originality is just being yourself. Now that easier said than done because you're going to have people in your life that are going to want to make you change who you are so you "fit in" better. Or change your style because it not the same as everyone else. And to me that's a bunch of baloney because styles change, society changes, everything changes! So why not skip the stress of trying to fit in with the new cool things in life and just be yourself. If people don't like you for your originality, let them go because someone will. I remember being so jealous of the girls who just did their own thing and didn't care what people thought about them. So I strived to be more like those girls and I became sooooo much happier in life. Love your freshness, keep being daring and clever, be unique and most importantly be you.
Anything else you want to add? 

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