Threadhead: Jerome Kuntz

Posted 2019 Jun by Lauren Turley / #people

For this week's interview, we caught up with snowboarder and all around rad human Jerome Kuntz. We love his outlook on life and bet you will too. Read on to find out all about him!  

What's your story?

"I grew up in St. Paul, MN. I used to ride a ton of street rails and park stuff but once my wife Sarah started getting better at snowboarding we decided to move to Utah to be in the mountains.

When did you get into snowboarding and why do you love it?

In the spring of ’99, I convinced my dad to let me get a plastic snowboard from the hardware store. I was hooked. I spent the summer mowing lawns to buy my first real snowboard. Snowboarding has always been a creative outlet— a way to create something new and to do things my own way. No matter how influenced you are by someone else’s riding yours will always be different.

Jerome Kuntz snowboarding

You can only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what do you pick?

Breakfast! We had brinner at our wedding. What other meal can you smother in maple syrup?

Do you have a big dream?

When I was younger I thought I needed big budget sponsors and a job in the snowboard industry to ride all the time and be happy. Ever since I gave up that dream I’ve actually been riding more and having way more fun. I guess my big dream is to snowboard as much as I can, explore a bunch of beautiful places, and take a TON of pictures along the way.

Jerome Kuntz snowboarding

If I wasn't a snowboarder I'd be a _________.

I can’t even imagine life without snowboarding but I was once really into skateboarding. I’d probably just be hanging out at the skate park carving bowls instead of mountains.

You are one of our biggest outdoorsmen! What is it about the outdoors that you love?

Outside is the best playground! Nature Is so diverse and inspiring — I get stoked on every new place we go. There’s no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong gear.

Jerome Kuntz snowboarding

How do you define 'originality'?

To me, it’s snowboarding the way that feels good to you no matter if others find it ‘cool.’

Any words of advice? / Best advice you ever got?

Whatever you love, share it. “Don’t ever teach your significant other how to ski or snowboard.” is a common saying in the snowboard community. While instructors are great and lessons can help you get better— if you aren’t able to have fun doing something you love with the people you love (no matter how bad they are at it) you’re doing something wrong. Sharing experiences and places we love with the people we love is the key to happiness. 

Jerome Kuntz snowboarding

Anything else you want to add?

Marry your best friend — you won’t regret it ;)" 

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