Candy Jacobs

Based out of: Netherlands
Likes: White chocolate
Sand or snow: Sand
Fun fact: Terrified of dolphins

Jeremy Carter

Based out of: California
Likes: Surfing, coaching, traveling
Sand or snow: SAND!
Fun fact: Go DUCKS!

Jonnie Merrill

Based out of: Idaho
Likes: Long walks on the spine of a mountain
Sand or snow: Neither. POWDER!
Fun fact: I'm fun.

Bree Port

Based out of: Hawaii
Likes: Surfing, Music, The perfect pazooki
Sand or snow: SAND!
Fun fact: I shaved my head for fun!

Travis Rivera

Based out of: California
Likes: Sour patch kids, pool coping
Sand or snow: Both!
Fun fact: McDonald’s once made bubblegum-flavored broccoli

Tory Gilkerson

Based out of: Australia
Likes: mmmmmm anything with hummus
Sand or snow: Sand!
Fun fact: I am a two time world champion longboarder


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