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    Good customer service
    " Had some problems with shipping- customer service was very helpful and the wallet is lovely. "
    Katrina M.
    Love my new wallet.
    "It works great! It’s convenient and stylish! "
    Selina T.
    Thread wallet for phone is great!!!
    "This is the BEST. Got them for both my sons for Christmas and they are perfect. Looks so much cooler than those peel and stick wallets. Will for sure buy more styles."
    Richelle M.
    The perfect wallet phone case
    "I absolutely adore my Thread Wallet. It's the perfect phone case that holds exactly what I need to go out into the world every day. I routinely carry 4 cards, and occasionally some cash, and I've never had a problem with the elastic being too tight or too loose. The lip on the screen side of the case protects my screen and keeps my phone from sliding around when I set it screen down, which is a problem I had with a case from another company that I'd tried previously (before Thread Wallet released their X case). The design on the elastic is lovely and fits me so well. It doesn't show stains or fade that I've noticed. Keep up the good work, Thread Wallets!"
    Cody L.
    It be maken’ life simple
    "Super convenient to grab and go!"
    Jacob Y.
    Excellent Product
    "I love this company. I do not carry a purse and love that this is very functional and stylish for my everyday needs. Also, the price is perfect for me to switch my style out often. "
    Leah G.
    "I bought these for gifts! The people I gave them to loved them! Great purchase."
    Nacole H.
    Love it
    "I used to have an old plastic card wallet stuck to my old phone case and although i loved it, it was so ugly. I was so happy to find this amazing design wallet paired with the phone case. Amazing!"
    Grace D.
    iPhone X case
    "Love this case so much. Design is awesome, and the quality is great. Love how the card holder stretches to fit cards."
    Korey S.
    Great Minimalist Wallet With RFID Protection
    "This wallet is wonderful. I am not a purse carrying girl so a wallet that fits into my pocket, backpack, or jacket is ideal. Not only is this an attractive wallet that allows me to carry just what I need, it also protects me from potential identity theft with it's RFID blocking technology. While I don't think this wallet will fail anytime soon, I like it so much I have ordered backups for the day when it does begin to show it's age!"
    Melissa S.
    Works Great!
    "This product works great, looks tasteful, and is very practical. I use to lose my keys all the time in my purse, but now with having my CATHCER (wrist) I know where it is when I need them. A must buy!"
    Angie R.
    "Got it for my sister for Christmas and she loved it! All her friends thought it was super cute too!"
    Angela P.
    I love threadwallets!
    "As someone who uses her swipe care multiple times a day, this product is essential. It absolutely does work, my card does not budge. I will purchase one again for sure!"
    Julia C.
    Gift for my daughter
    "She loves it!!!!!"
    Sarah J.
    my go-to wallet
    "super minimalistic, compact but organized! not ideal to stash large bundle of cash, but if you mainly need it for an ID, few bills and cards its amazing. Can easily be stored in your back jeans pocket, jacket….even has a key ring to attack a few keys/ neck lanyard. "
    Dina B.
    Thread Wallets are Awesome!
    "Thread Wallets look great and are super functional. I like to check in to see new styles so I can change up my routine. They keep all of my stuff organized with a minimum of extra weight and size and I always get looks when I pull one out. The lanyards are great for keys and my wallets. Thanks Thread Wallets for making such a cool and useful product!"
    Henry O.
    Best wallet I’ve ever had!!!
    "This wallet it so small and cute!! It’s so easy to attach to your keys/lanyard and you never have to worry about loosing it. My only complaint is that one of the cad sections in mine are sewn together and none of my friends had that problem, it was probably just a small mistake and doesn’t really bother me that much. Still the wallet is really functionalable and cute!! Would definitely recommend getting one!!"
    Annabell W.
    Awesome phone case
    "I love the design and the pocket is perfect for my everyday needs. It makes holding my cards and money so easy and streamlines having to carry around an additional wallet. "
    Jason S.
    Best wallet ever!
    "I love it! Small and compact but sturdy and leaves me feeling confident my items are always secure!"
    Lisa R.
    Why haven’t you bought one yet?
    "I’m a minimalist when it comes to going out and this makes my life so much easier, especially since I have very active twin infants. I’ve already bought two for myself and a couple others as gifts for my friends. They’re not that cheap but the quality of the product is great. I’m waiting for the day they come up with a phone case that has a wallet and can be worn as a lanyard"
    Claudine J.
    Love It!
    "Loved the wallet! Fits all my cards perfectly!"
    Kayla K.
    Love it!
    "I ordered the neck landyard, along with the wallet and I have loved it ever since. All of my credit cards never fall out and it is always secure. The landyard around my neck is soft and doesn’t rub against me like other landyards. I 10/10 recommended. "
    allysen j.
    Best print so far!
    "I have plenty of these wrist lanyards and this is my favorite print! They're also more comfortable and a lil bigger than one I bought early 2018. Will orchid the neck lanyard next"
    "i love this wallet it’s so cute and handy "
    Brent J.
    Great phone case
    "Love this phone case! Stretch wallet pocket works as I hoped. It looks like blue and white stripes on the website but it’s really blue and tan."
    Meagan H.
    Cutest and most function phone case ever
    "I have never gotten more compliments on a phone case!"
    Briana S.
    Its great!!
    "I love my new wallet!! Especially because it’s the “cool new thing” where I live!! All three that I have gotten look just like the picture and are great quality!! Mine hasn’t ripped yet and I’ve had mine for 2 months. It also stores SO MANY CARDS!! I think I fit about 10-15 cards on there at once, and that’s all I’ve tried!"
    Emma B.
    Love it
    "I no longer need to worry constantly about losing my wallet because I always have it. "
    Aubrey C.
    Really a pretty cool little wallet!
    "I was worried about the safety of this type of wallet, but I bought one for my daughter based on many other recommendations. It really is a cool little item. Very safe and cute, too. I bought the elastic wallet and a lanyard and it's perfect for keeping keys and cards, the most important stuff together and around her neck! I'll be buying one for my next daughter who is about to start driving and should probably get one for myself as well! "
    Sherry A.
    Phone Case Wallet
    "The case is super cute and stylish and holds all my essential cards, cash without them falling out. I put the case into and out of my pockets throughout the day and the cards don’t fall out. I’ve received many compliments on my case and would definitely purchase from here again."
    Courtney J.


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