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    Never leave the house without it
    "I’ve had a thread wallet since almost the beginning when you guys first started making them! I’m obsessed with mine and I try to talk all of my friends into buying one as well! I never carry a purse and it holds all my cards and money!"
    Kiley S.
    "I love these products .. fast and affordable "
    Alicia A.
    5 STARS
    "Beyond happy with my new wallet! So convienent and easy to get to! Will definitely order again!!!"
    Alec L.
    Product Replacement
    "I revived a product where the print was a little bit faded. I reach out and Thread solved the problem right away and sent me a new one. Awesome customer service!!"
    Jaxon C.
    Phone case
    "I love this case. It’s cute, durable and so convenient for drivers license and credit card "
    Sara K.
    Best Purchase Ever
    "i love thread wallets so much! it has been such a lifesaver! they are so cute and i get so many complements on it! i would definitely recommend buying one! thread wallets are a great go to gift for anyone! "
    Brinley T.
    Love it
    "This is the second case I’ve ordered. Stretched the pocket out on the first one so that gave me a good reason to get a new one. Only case I will use now!"
    Katie P.
    "love love love my thread wallet! does not slip at all, sturdy, small, and absolutely perfect. so worth it!! love it so much!"
    Yasmine A.
    "It’s so great life changing "
    Kiana W.
    "I am so happy with my purchase! It is so convenient having everything I need together, it simplifies doing day to day tasks. And the cases are cute and trendy designs!"
    Jade H.
    "Love it. Only con is that the cards can be hard to get out at times but I’d rather have it taht way than them all falling out"
    Abigail A.
    Thread wallet stickers
    "They’re made so well great quality!! "
    Bonnie U.
    "Great customer service and I love the product. Definitely recommend "
    Hollie G.
    "I like the design of the wallet, it hold my cards and money with enough room and I'm never afraid they will fall out. They are also easy to access and the pattern is cute!"
    Natalie W.
    Love me these wallets
    "I love it. It’s so practical and slim!!"
    Fabian A.
    "I am in love with my meadow set!! Perfect for an on the go mom! "
    Dominique D.
    Love them
    "My girls absolutely love their thread wAllets!"
    Kristi H.
    10/10 would recommend
    "I LOVE this case. I’m a college student so I was looking for something that I could put my ID and other cards in instead of carrying around a wallet all the time. This thing is super cute and I love the little box it came in, and it holds my cards perfectly!! "
    Megan Stump
    Amazing product, even better Customer Service
    "Not only are thread wallets functional, stylish, and well-worth your money, this is a company that stands by their products. I had part of my wallet tear off and so I emailed in asking about warranty; they sent a replacement wallet immediately and appologized for the inconvenience. A true example of how all companies should treat their customers. Well done threadwallets, well done. "
    Colin R.
    Love it
    "So cute and convenient!!"
    Amanda W.
    Love these!
    "This came SO freakin fast in the mail and these are the most perfect simple wallet for the organized space saver! Highly recommend. "
    Sam Hopkins
    Great Gift!
    "Love the design and function of the phone wallets. Purchased 4 for my niece, mom and sister-laws. One stop shop! Quick and easy shipping. Packaged cute. My niece said it’s perfect for her in college because she dislikes always carrying her purse to and from classes. The others love it for the same reason. Being able to grab and dash to grocery store, gym, coffee etc... on those times when you don’t need your whole purse! "
    Shana G.
    "I bought as a gift and they seem to like them. My only concern is the card edges getting all banged up with the design I picked. "
    Eliza L.
    "It’s super convenient and cute!"
    Mary A.
    Phone case
    "Love the design and aesthetic, but a little worried that the band that holds the cards will stretch out over time? Overall very happy with my purchase."
    Shane P.
    Pretty Cool
    "My new wallet is very convenient and functional. It's a good size, it's durable, and the pattern is really cute. If I could go back in time and choose to not order this, I wouldn't ;)"
    Gracey B.
    The best wallets 💜
    "I absolutely love my new wallet! It holds all the cards I need, I don't have to tote around a big purse anymore, plus it's super cute! I take it to raves, concerts, and everywhere else I go. I've never had my cards shift and I've never lost cash that I've put in them. These are the best 💜"
    Ashley H.
    5 stars
    "It came very fast in the mail, in perfect condition and I love it 😍"
    Arianna Z.
    My wife loves it!
    "If you dont carry cash (or maybe a single folded bill for emergencies only), this is a great way to carry your primary cards with your keys. This is the second one of these my wife has had, and she loves having only her phone and key/wallet combo to carry. Even easier, she uses a small wrist strap, so when wearing yoga pants she can stuff the phone in the waistband, and dangle her keys and wallet on her wrist. "
    Jacob M.
    A beautiful set
    "I have a small purse but in the summer I hate taking it everywhere with me, I have a wristband and card holder and I adore them! It’s so convenient & I get compliments on it all day long. "
    kiya m.


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