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    Great little wallet
    "This was a gift for my teenage daughter. She loves the wallet. It is low profile and keeps things simple. She doesn't like purses or bulky wallets, this holds the cards she needs and a little cash and everything stays put. She had a different type of low profile/slim wallet before but cards would fall out of it. We purchased the matching lanyard so she can put it in her pocket or on the lanyard. "
    LOVE IT!
    "Great wallet, small and fits everything I need. "
    Cyrene M.
    "My purse got stolen which had my wallet it in so I was looking for a new wallet and these are perfect! They’re small and hold all the essentials. I clip it onto my keys so I know where it is at all times. "
    Amanda R.
    "I love how the wallet is such a thin but functional design it has. The keyring allows me to hook the wallet onto any lanyard. Im so glad that I don’t have to haul around a giant wallet and my keys. Now I can just haul my wallet and keys all together on one lanyard."
    Lily B.
    Great way to keep cards
    "I find these wallets are sturdy and well constructed. Super easy to carry and make finding my cards or cash a breeze. The keyring is tough duty. I have been using a thread wallet for over a year. I use the lanyard and the keyring or just the wallet based on my outing. (ie appointments, high volume store stops or travel) I highly recommend. I have given several as gifts. Each person has commented on how much they like their new wallet. I love the new "meadow" pattern, such a bright floral. I worried a bit last year about how dirty they might get and whether the light colors would be an issue. Just wash by hand. Good as new."
    Lisa S.
    She loves it
    "This has been a yearly gift for my niece and she loves Theead Wallets I don’t think she will use anything else now."
    Dina H.
    So Awesome
    "This wallet is perfect when you just want the bare essentials. It comfortably fits my ID and a couple cards and I love that it has the ring so you can hook it on to something or put it in your pocket. "
    Joseph L.
    Love the new design!
    "I love my new wallet. It is even prettier in person!"
    Amy F.
    Love it
    "I got my wallet for Christmas and loved it. It was cute. Stored my cards and my cash. Unfortunately I hung it on the back of a dressing room door and forgot to grab it when I left. Someone decided they needed it more than me and stole it, so I will be saving up to buy a new one. "
    Amber L.
    Love Love LOVE!!
    "I love my new phone case wallet! The quality is really nice and it’s durable. It didn’t feel too chunky in my hands and it fit in my pocket nicely! "
    Elizabeth E.
    Best Wallet Ever!!
    "These are my favorite wallets to own ever! Simple, convenient, and cute styles/patterns. "
    Hailey L.
    My new best friend
    "I bought these for my sister for Christmas, she loved them! I owned two before this and that's what sparked her interest in getting one. I LOVE not having to drag around my wallets/purses if I don't have to - thread wallets are perfect for this reason. "
    Jacqueline L.
    Didn’t know this was a
    "Didn’t know this was a thing, and I wish I found out about it years ago. It’s perfect, & I’m obsessed with it."
    Maria C.
    Love your products...wish you would
    "Love your products...wish you would bring back the bifolds "
    Jasmine h.
    Love the thread wallet
    "I love the design and functionality of my new thread wallet! It’s perfect to use when going out around town. "
    Katie S.
    Love these!
    "I bought one for me, and one for my 16 year old daughter, per her request...we both love them and they seem to be very well made. I have gotten loads of compliments on mine and my sons both want one too now. Definitely worth the price!"
    Brenda C.
    Easy to Use
    "I love how easy to use this wallet is. "
    Courtney E.
    Love it!
    "We love our new thread wallets! They’re small and functional. I’ve been wanting to minimize the amount of stuff I carry around and this helps me not need to bring a purse everywhere!"
    Rachel S.
    "Very functional and great quality. I'm very pleased with this purchase."
    Karly H.
    "I really love it and told my friends were I got it 🤙🏼❤️😁"
    Elizabeth G.
    Worth it
    "I have always loved the quality and design of your threat wallets and this one was no exception. Honestly thank you. "
    Aleece J.
    "I bought this for my daughter and she loves it! "
    Alison J.
    Luv it
    "I purchased it for my son who just got his license & it keeps everything together, keys, license, debit card,... "
    Heather B.
    It's perfect!
    "Love the design of the phone case! I can now just carry my phone and ID/cards with me, rather than having to bring my purse/wallet too! I get so many compliments on it!"
    Meredith D.
    Keeping it real
    "I have gotten so many thread wallets and I’ve gotten all my friends and family members to get one too! Love them way too much :) "
    kendall b.
    Great minimalist Wallet
    "I love this wallet and wristlet! The design is adorable, and it's so compact and convenient. I hate carrying a purse, and for a while, I carried a small wallet around with me everywhere. This is so much easier because I can attach it right to my keys and carry it on my wrist. The wristlet is rather short, so if you have large hands/wrists it may not fit well. For me, it's perfect because it fits but will not easily fall off my wrist. The wallet fits credit cards securely, and I am not worried that anything will fall out."
    Kathleen H.
    Thread wallets are pure genius!
    "Four of my kids have thread wallets. Their quality and functionality are better than we expected. I recommend them without reservation. They’re low profile, modern and practical."
    Lurlene M.
    Great Gift!!
    "My teen daughter loves this, it works perfectly when she’s out with friends, and at amusement parks. Simple and the design is beautiful. "
    Cindy H.
    Amazing as always
    "I love the new wallet color. It’s nice and dark so it still looks brand new! I’ve always loved thread wallets. I have too many of them now haha. They did change the logo so it’s not printed into the design it’s like put on top of it now? Like it’s 3-D the tiniest bit. I don’t know if that makes sense. But I like it better. "
    Melisa M.
    More than just satisfied!!!
    "So, i ordered a lanyard- the voodoo one... And i don't really know how to start, but quality top notch.. I wanted a lanyard so bad but every single i bought it ended cutted or discoloured... This it seems to holds on soo well and it's just beautiful, so wonderful- whatever you see in picture that's what you get. Everyone asks me "where did you find it...". And the company USPS very quick... It came frome the other side of the earth in 2 weeks. Simple, top quality, gorgeous."
    Dimitrios T.


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