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    Phone case
    "Love it! So sleek and functional. Very nicely made. Love having my cards with my wallet. There is no need for a purse!"
    Emily H.
    "Love these wallets! Mine is about a year old now and about to break. I bought a set for my sister in law though because they make a great gift!"
    Shannon S.
    Safe and secure!
    "Great for events if you don’t want to bring bulk wallets with you. Just the essential cash, cards, keys. "
    Erick G.
    Love Thread Wallets!
    "I bought the Valley lanyard and Thread Wallet and I love them both!! I don’t use regular wallets or purses, so have the lanyard and thread wallet is a dream! "
    Ashley L.
    The shipping was so fast and great quality
    "I was amazed by how fast the shipping was! I love my phone wallet it is so useful "
    Cali D.
    Live my Tucker!
    "I love my new Tucker phone case! Have dropped it twice and fully protected!"
    Rachel C.
    Great wallet! Super convenient!
    "I haven't had it for too long, but it was such a great investment! I usually wear my keys on a lanyard and being able to have a wallet added on to that made it so easy to grab everything and go without forgetting my wallet (as I do more often than I should). I was a little skeptic about it holding everything securely, but it's passed the test and held everything where is needed to be without anything slipping. Overall it was a great purchase, and I'm so happy with it -- definitely going to be looking out for more fun styles to buy!"
    Omega B.
    Loving it!
    "This has become a necessity, between the Thread Wallet and my Big O Key ring, I've gone purseless! So awesome! "
    Jillian C.
    Functional and cute!!
    "It is very functional and cute. Would recommend! "
    Alexandra C.
    Thread wallets are the bomb
    "Always keeps my cards secure "
    Christina K.
    Cuff key holder
    "This smaller key holder works perfectly for me! It’s sturdy and is able to manage several keys and accessories with ease. I chose this particular one in hopes that it would not show use as easy. So far so good."
    Melissa D.
    "It was exctaley what I was looking for. "
    Corrie D.
    So great!
    "Awesome quality! Perfect size! I love mine so much I’m gonna order some for my friends! "
    Paige R.
    Great idea
    "Super thin, easy to carry wallet. It's perfect"
    Sara C.
    best case ever
    "loved the design, it is super functional, and protects my phone great"
    maria c.
    Rosie wallet Review
    "i’ve only had the wallet for one day but i really like it so far... fits my most used cards and cash, its compact, and i see myself using it daily/long term. "
    Fowsiya J.
    Great product.
    "I love my new wallet phone case! It looks and works great. "
    Christine B.
    Best wallet ever
    "I love my wallet. I always misplace my keys and find it so functional to have all my goods in one place. It’s also great for snowboarding when pocket space is limited. Just what a girl like me needed! "
    Julie T.
    Vertical wallet
    "I think it’s super cute and convient. As someone who doesn’t like purses or big wallets this is perfect "
    Jeanette D.
    Love it
    "Currently ordering more as presents!!"
    Whitney M.
    Best wallet!
    "I love the design of the new thread wallets. The leather added to the elastic gives it such a good look and makes me feel more at ease about keeping my credit cards in here since one side is securely sewn! This design is also so cute for fall. Thanks Thread!"
    Kaylee W.
    Love it!
    "My thread is amazing! I love the design and it has great quality this is definatly one of the best things ever invented! It is definatly worth the cost👍"
    Aubrey M.
    "Love my new phone case. So fun. "
    Justine E.
    Customer Service
    "They were helpful and responded quickly "
    Kate J.
    Great product
    "Holds cards extremely well. Just what I was looking for."
    courtney c.
    Phone Case
    "The phone case itself fits the phone great. The cards stay in place on the back of the case as long as they are pushed all the way down. Only “issue” is that the back of the phone case gets dirty very quickly"
    courtney c.
    Great keychain
    "Ordered a new keychain wristlet to keep my keys on! Love the new keychain and get so many compliments on it. Very cute"
    Miranda W.
    "LOVE my new lanyard, I get compliments every day at school. Cant’t wait to buy a phone case! "
    Addy A.
    "I wanted a thinner wallet to keep a few cards in and my thread wallet is perfect. Cool design options. I love it! "
    Jennifer C.
    Vertical wallet is awesome
    "It’s classy to look at and feels solid in hand. It holds the cards tightly but I can still remove them for use without a fight. I love that it can be clipped to my car keys. And, best of all, I like the minimal size. It gets the job done without going overboard. "
    Marisa R.


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